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Company Liaison

Corporate Liaison Role:

  • Help recruit and renew employees as  Junior Achievement volunteers
  • Get management to be aware and to support volunteer involvement
  • Communicate to employees various JA events to attend, invite each volunteers to bring a friend
  • a Returnee’s Luncheon
  • a  Training Sessions, on site or at other firms
  • a Bowl-a-thon and/or Golf Tournament
  • a  Volunteer Appreciation Function
  • Utilize E-mail, bulletin boards, voice mail, staff meetings, and personal letter/inserts as recruiting opportunities
  • Encourage participation that meets incentive program criteria
  • a Two-for-Two, teach two classes in one year
  • a Double-the-Impact, teach one class and participate in a Bowl-a-thon or a Golf Tournament
  • Work with Human Resources department for New Hire inserts
  • Work with Training Department to identify on-site trainers
  • Help coordinate, place and facilitate training of company volunteers
  • Follow-up with volunteers to make sure that classes are completed
  • Evaluate JA Program and recognize your company volunteers
  • Serve as vital communication to Junior Achievement & Schools
  • Junior Achievement Role:
  • Provide training and curriculum
  • Monitor quality of program
  • Provide additional and supplementary materials as needed

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